This page has been created to share the Best Practices submitted by the culinary PLC educators at the final PLC meeting for 2010-11. The are in downloadable pdf formats. Select any you want, download and enjoy.

Team Building Activity - Submitted by Armida Gordon of Fountain Valley High School, HBUHSD

Review Puzzles - Submitted by Cori Brooks of Fountain Valley High School, HBUHSD

Kitchen Cleanup - Submitted by Sue Ogden of Serra Valley High School, Capo USD

Introduction to the Restaurant Industry - Submitted by Janet Dukes of Newport Harbor High School, NMUSD

Healthy Alternative - Submitted by Monica Aguilar of Valley High School, SAUSD

Comparing Breads - Submitted by Julia Roman of Pacifica High School, GGUSD

Career Preparation Ideas - Submitted by Lisa Diggers of Los Amigos High School, GGUSD

Vocabulary Ideas - Submitted by Corey Duarte Western of High School, NOCROP

Omelet Video - Submitted by Becky Tice of Dana Hills High School, Capo USD

Introduction to Nutrition - Submitted by Renee Pelkey of Huntington Beach High School, HBUHSD

Vitamin A & Beta Carotene - Submitted by Maria Nicolaides of High School, Ocean View High School, HBUHSD

Retail vs. Whole Sale Meat Cuts - Submitted by Deanna Lee of Marina Valley High School, HBUHSD

Equipment Review - Submitted by Dianne Dollarhide of High School, HBUHSD