California Department of EducationCTE + Common Core + Community College

Dr. Patrick Ainsworth, Assistant Superintendent Career and College Transitions Division, California Dept. of Education

These short videos are from a question and answer video conference with Dr. Patrick Ainsworth. Scroll down to see the various videos.

October 25, 2012
Video Quick Links

Introduction of Dr. Ainsworth (length 5:31)

QUESTION #1: How does California Dept of Education work with Community College? (length 3:10)

QUESTION #2: How is Common Core integrated into a K14 environment for economic development? (length 3:06)

QUESTION #3: How is the awareness of CTE raised in the eyes of parents? (length 2:50)

QUESTION #4: What does it look like for funding for CTE? (length 5:36)

QUESTION #5: College Readiness Campaign (length 4:34)

QUESTION #6: College prep (A-G) vs. CTE? (length 3:53)

QUESTION #7: What is being doing about articulation agreements? (length 1:44)

QUESTION #8: CTE Teacher Training (length 2:31)

QUESTION #9: How is CTE going to be assessed and included in the API? (length 4:31)

QUESTION #10: How do districts get relief from current assessments to keep strong CTE programs growing? (length 4:34)

QUESTION #11: How is ROP funding protected? (length 2:51)

QUESTION #12: Can the UC's A-G be expanded to A-H to include CTE? (length 2:41 )

CONCLUSION: Dr. Ainsworth shares his final thoughts (length 3:58)